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Character & Logo Design

When the Chewy brand was first created they needed a cast of characters to help sell their services and build their brand. Mr. Chewy and his friends were invented to help familiarize customers with the brand and stand out from the crowd.


Rock and Lou's Pizza

Logo & Food Truck Design

It's a challenge to stand out in the crowded food truck market. There are so many different options these days it can be difficult for customers to remember their favorites. Rock and Lou were developed to help change all that.

Mr. & Mrs. Wiener

Food Truck & Logo Design

A gourmet hotdog food truck? Why not? Mr. and Mrs. Wiener were created to introduce customers to the idea that not all food trucks are the same and more importantly to have lots of fun doing it. 


Tilt 365

Character Design

You may recognize these characters as the Tilt365 brand characters. They were developed in 2016 as a way to help developTilt's brand and you find them them all over the Tilt website and bi-weekly in the Tilt blog. I will be adding a section on how and why these characters were developed as well as how they help drive the Tilt brand.

All that and more coming soon!

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