"Can you make a logo that looks like my dogs? " I could tell right away this was going to be an interesting project. “We’re planning on a building food truck. Oh, do you also design food trucks? “ 


How do you create a pizza truck logo featuring two pet dogs? Easy, you make them mascots. We agreed the best way to have the dogs front and center was to turn them into mascots. We would use them in the logo but also have them appear in other places as a marketing tool to hel create awareness and brand recognition. 





Create a main character, Mr. Chewy and a supporting cast of secondary characters to launch the Chewy brand. Bob Ostrom Studio will work directly with Mr. Chewy to recommend specific characters, their rolls and how they can be featured in marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness.



Rock and a mutt and Lou was an Italian greyhound. Both dogs had tremendous personalities so finding a likeness was key. The owner sent me several photos of each dog and a description of their personalities. We had a few sketches go back and forth but it wasn’t until I tried something a little off the wall that we landed on our solution. From there it was a matter of fine-tuning. 


After the initial interview, I often have a pretty good sense of direction but I find it’s important to also create checkpoints along the way. Once we’ve agreed on the direction it’s time to solidify the look and feel. In this case, we were looking for something super fun. The beginning steps usually take a little more time but once the basics are set up we can get down to work and set up guidelines for things like a color palette, fonts and design. It’s important to nail these things down early in the process so the property maintains a sense of consistency throughout.