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5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I can't believe its been six years since Carlos and I did this video. A lot has happened since then but the advice in this video still holds a lot of value. I will be going back and reposting some of the more popular videos we did for Drawn by Success here on the blog. We received a lot of requests for this topic at the time and my guess is that a lot of artists would probably have have the same requests if we were having this discussion today. I hope you'll enjoy this blast from the past and get some good value out of it.

Although Carlos and I no longer do the Drawn by Success vidcast we still stay in touch and often find our selves talking about a lot fo the very same things we talked about when we were doing the show. If I could add one recommendation to this video it would be this: Most artists that I know tend to spend a lot of time working which is completely understandable, art takes time. The thing is though, that those hours sometimes have a tendency to pull us away from interacting with our peers especially in these days as we battle the outbreak of COVID19. To counteract the feeling of isolation that goes along with that I would highly recommend setting up a weekly call with a respected peer if at all possible.

I have two of these calls each week with friends of mine who also happen to be very well respected artists. In these calls we discuss the challenges we face and set plans for how we can improve our businesses. It's not enough to just set goals though. The world has a funny way of upsetting even the best most well intentioned plans and when that happens its really nice to have a friend to help you get through it. Call it a mastermind meetup call it what ever you like these are the two parts of my week that keep me grounded and headed in the right direction and I wouldn't trade them for the world. So if you have a friend you can call on, even if they are not in the field of art I would recommend getting in touch with them and seeing if you can set up a weekly call. Once you have it set up guard that time to the best of your ability I promise you it will pay off.

Anyhow hope you enjoy this episode. If you do please share or leave a comment over at the Youtubes or shoot my buddy Carlos a note and tell him Bob sent you. Until next time... Keep on keeping on!

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