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An Artists Simple Recipe for Success

Updated: May 12, 2020

Artists Recipe for Success

The fabulous Carlos Castellanos

I few years ago I was a co-host on a site called Drawn by Success along with the great Carlos Castellanos. We got into a discussion on one of our shows about what it takes to actually make it in this crazy competitive world of art. Why are some so successful while others are still struggling. What do successful artists do that the rest of don’t? At Drawn By Success, we had an opportunity to interview some pretty amazing people. The folks that make it onto the site and into the interviews are people who have done something really remarkable. They’ve achieved a remarkably high level of success. So what makes them so different from the rest of us? What is the formula for success for an artist or for that matter most any creative field?


The successful people we’ve interviewed have three things in common. Even though they come from very different backgrounds the three things they have in common are passion, taking action and following through.

Being passionate.

All the people we interview are super passionate about what they do and it’s the first answer they give when we ask WHY they do what they do. They all share it and honestly it’s what attracted us to them in the first place.

Being passionate gives them the drive to move forward and believe in what they are doing. Passion helps them overcome their fears and doubts. It helps them gut out the long hours and never give up. Are you passionate about what you do? Without passion, are you just going through the motions? Find something you are passionate about and I guarantee you’ll never be bored, burn out or lose interest in your work again.


photo bob ostrom, drawn by success

Follow Through

There’s nothing glamorous about follow-through. It’s the long hours, hard work and the determination to make something happen. How many ideas die on the drawing board or fizzle out before they’re finished? Taking action gets the ball rolling but follow-through is what makes it happen. Seth Godin calls it shipping I call it follow-through. You can call it whatever you like, without it your project fails.

So there you have it, those are the simple steps. Follow them and you will follow a path to success. No more excuses. The plan itself is pretty simple. It’s sticking to the plan that presents the challenge. So how do we stick with it? I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even as the guy who’s edited the audio and listened to those interviews a thousand time I often listen again any time on my own time when I need a little motivation or a kick in the pants.

I’m not saying Drawn By Success is the final answer. What I’m saying is surround yourself by motivation. Surround yourself with whatever it takes to get you moving forward and taking the next step. For me, it’s Drawn by Success and talking with other successful artists. What is it for you? If you’ve discovered other sites that get you to get rolling or help you find your mo-jo please leave a link in the comment section. I’m always on the lookout for good motivational reading or listening.

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