Excuse Me, You are a Rock Star.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

cartoon computer by bob ostrom

This time of year, things tend to get busy for us illustrators. That can mean long hours and a lot of time spent organizing schedules, trying to find new projects and wondering where the last week went. Here’s a little tip for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, or needs a little pick-me-up. Go into your calendar and schedule a few positive reminders. Have your calendar send you those reminders on an alert at random times during the week. Next, change the settings on your computer, so it speaks your alerts. I find it hilarious and usually, it pops up right when I need it most. Here’s how it works... I’m sitting at my desk after a long week of deadlines, maybe putting together some new ideas for a big project or something else I’m planning. The infamous artist’s self-doubt starts to creep in, and just as I begin to think, maybe my high school guidance counselor was right, and I should have considered a career as a pet waste fecal matter removal engineer my an alert goes off. My computer says in it’s slightly weird, slightly mispronounced computer voice, with an emphasis on all the wrong syllables ….” Excuse me.. Bob… You are a rock star!” Ok yeah, not quite as funny in print, but in real life, hilarious. I highly recommend trying it because even though it’s silly and ridiculous, it reminds me to lighten up, get out of my head and quit worrying about things I can't control. Thanks, computer, you’re a rock star too…

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