Interview- How to Create, Publish and Market an eBook

Updated: May 13, 2020

How to Create Publish and Market an eBook

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Cover art from our new eBook Where are the dinos. Written by Julia Dweck and illustrated by Bob Ostrom

Hello readers. Whew, it's been busy here at the studio lately… not just busy but the kind of busy where you just wish there were more hours in a day kind of busy. The funny thing about this business is I’m not really allowed to share what I’ve been working on outside the studio until the art has been published. Sometimes that can take up to a year. So, you didn’t hear it from me but I’ve got some really big projects in the works that you guys are going to love… including a great new interview, I did last week with my good buddy Mr. Carlos Castellanos over at

I recently emerged from hibernation long just enough to do an interview with one of my favorite artists and pod-casters, Carlos Castellanos. Yes, THE Carlos Castellanos creator of the Baldo comic strip and my co-host from the wildly successful This time the tables were turned however and I found myself on the opposite side of the mic. I just want to say it's great being a guest for a change and not only was I a complete natural but I enjoyed myself immensely.

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So here’s the skinny… If you’ve been thinking about getting into the eBook market as a writer or an illustrator you won’t want to miss this interview. It’s chock full of super-valuable information about how to create publish and market an eBook.  This is the kind of artist's gold you will only find on a site like So put your phone on vibrate, shut off your email for the next 32 minutes, tell the receptionist to take a message and please come check us out over on

A Few Fun Links:

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Youtube Where are the Dinos Contest – Got a question about dinos? Bob Ostrom Fake Dinosaur expert is a trained professional and will answer all your dino questions. Who knows maybe you’ll even be featured in Bob’s next dino video.

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