Getting Lost in the Woods

Updated: Jan 9

picture of Bob Ostrom at Umstead State Park

Saturday as I was working on the design I came to a section where we focus on health, handling stress and taking care of yourself. Part of staying healthy means not spending marathon sessions at the desk without a break or exercise. That’s when I realized I had been sitting at my desk for a marathon InDesign session. I decided I should take my own advice and get outside for a run to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

My favorite kind of running is on a trail in the woods where I can be alone and decompress. There are some great trails near my house at a huge park called Umstead. These trails go for miles. I planned to run for about a half hour…easy-peasy in and out then back to work. I love to run trails I haven’t run before, so I picked a new one that I hadn’t tried yet. I’ve only run at Umstead a handful of times so most of the trails are new to me. This one was amazing and started out by following a deep wide stream (Umstead is quickly becoming a favorite place to run).

illustration of cartoon alligator by Bob Ostrom

Work in progress.

Anyway to make a long story short I got a little turned around as I made my way along some very long unfamiliar paths. Not knowing exactly where I was, I ended up running pretty deep into the woods and spending much more time there than I had intended. MUCH, much, more time. In fact let’s just put it thus way if I had been in there any longer, I probably would have made the evening news as one of those, Old guy lost in the woods, search and rescue stories. It was a humbling experience but yes, I made it out alive and am all the better for it.

By my best estimate I probably ended up running for about 6 or 7 miles and then walking around 63 miles. You would think I’d be discouraged but honestly I can’t wait to go back and run it again. Well, not the exact same trail, but this time I think I’ll print out a map before I go… and maybe pack a flare gun just in case.

Above is a little piece I’ve been working on to help promote Bob Ostrom Studio. Once this campaign is complete I’ll post it here on the site.

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