The Blue Sky Folder

Updated: May 6, 2020

 The Bob Ostrom Studio Blue Sky Folder

Deep in the archives of my computer, there is a small beacon of light that shines brightly through the darkness. It’s called the Blue Sky Folder. Inside is a collection of sketches, experiments, new styles, new techniques, story concepts, and a bunch of projects in various stages of completion. This folder is basically a resting place for all the ideas that rattle around inside my head long enough for me to get them down on paper or into various stages of digital completion. Like many other artists, I’m always restless to try new things and this is my outlet.

This is a Blue Sky piece I began almost 3 years ago. I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed with it at the time so I put it on hold to work on other things. I had totally forgotten about it until I was leafing through the folder recently when it caught my eye. One of the main reasons I had put this one on hold was that the techniques I’d used to create it were very time consuming and a bit unrefined. Looking at the piece again I realized that the solution was sitting right in front of me. I didn’t have my Cintiq tablet when I started so any digital freehand drawing was pretty much out of the question? As I popped the file up on my screen I realized that was no longer an obstacle. It only took me a few hours to finish the piece and I’m psyched because now I finally have a great way to save time and paint right on the computer.

Below you’ll find a few more images from the Blue Sky Folder. Each started out as just an idea, some were developed further and others are still waiting for the magic touch. Occasionally I will show images from this folder to publishers or clients when we are looking for new ideas. Sometimes they become the catalyst for something new other times they are just a launching point to help spawn new ideas. having a Blue Sky folder is something I would recommend to all artists and writers alike. Never stop creating, never stop inventing because you never know….


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