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Whoot!!! It Worked!!! The New Books are here!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hey Kids, I wanted to share some really cool news with you! Remember that post I wrote a while back about trying to find a new digital watercolor style using Photoshop? You don’t? Well basically I was looking for a way to replicate the look and feel of a watercolor illustration done using a combination of just my iPad Pro and my iMac… 100% digital, no paper, no paint.

The New Books are in!

Since the time I wrote that post I’ve completed two new books using that very same digital watercolor style. The first one, now in print,  is called, I Try to Be a Good Person,  written by Trisha Callelo-Jones and published by Creative Teaching press. (A big thank you to to the kind folks at Creative Teaching Press for sending me copies, I really enjoyed working with you).

The second book I mentioned in still in production but should be ready soon. Wish I could show it to you now but you know how that goes. As soon as it hits the presses you guys will be the first to know. In the meantime I’m still experimenting with ways to speed up the process and improve the overall style. Getting the spontaneous look of a watercolor illustration digitally is no picnic but I’ll post updates as I refine the process. For now I’m off to try a few new watercolor brushes I picked up on line last week.

Here are a few samples for your viewing pleasure.Happy drawing. See you next week!

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