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What's Mermay?

Updated: May 27

Hey Bob, what's Mermay? So glad you asked kind reader. Each year, during the month of May, thousands of incredibly talented artists from all walks of life display their mermaid-themed artwork. During that time, I often find myself thinking, I should do that, but each year when May rolls around, I inevitably get busy and completely forget until it’s too late. And each year I vow to do better next year, but the same thing always seems to happen until this year. This year, it did not catch me off guard. In fact, I have created a bunch of mermaid-themed art in preparation for just the month of Mermay.

If you follow my channels, then you’ve probably seen my posts. Now, far be it from me to talk trash about the socials, but let’s face it: those guys are constantly shifting the goalposts, and to think that even a small fraction of my audience sees all my posts is downright delusional. 

It seems the socials care as much for their users than they would lead you to believe. So, with that in mind, I’ve also chosen to display my art here, in a very special gallery I built just for you, my readers. That way you get to see the entire collection in one place at one time. How's that for user-friendly? All of Mermay, to date, will be posted here at Bob Ostrom studio headquarters and I’ll continue to add pieces as I go until Mermay ends on the 31st with the big reveal.

I hope you find this year’s Mermay art as exciting as I did creating it. Check back often for updates, and be sure to share your comments. Don't cost nothing.

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